At Jaymes we love to make sure we are doing our part for the environment. We ship all orders in 100% biodegradable satchels, our hygiene stickers are plastic free, we support local families, and use recycled fabrics in our collections. 

In an effort to expand our sustainable contribution, Jaymes introduced a 100% regenerative nylon for selected styles. 
Post-consumer waste such as fishnets from the ocean, marine debris and industrial plastic waste is collected and transformed into textile yarn, woven or knitted into a high quality fabric in Italy, to result in Jaymes recycled and sustainable swimwear that makes your soul smile.

Our fabrics are then printed locally here in Australia with original Jaymes designs. The regenerative nylon fabric that we use is proven to be twice as resistant to chlorine, sun-tan creams and oils compared to competitor’s fabrics. 

Swim a little lighter in Jaymes Swimwear. 

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