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Our Story

Although Jaymes has grown to be a well-loved brand worldwide, it remains a small, family-run business nourished by passion and community.

We feel deep love and respect for the environment, and believe that every person should play their part in taking better care for the world we live in. We constantly strive to better our sustainable processes so that we may become more efficient at minimising our impact on Earth.

Learn more about how Jaymes collections are made, and our journey so far towards greater sustainability.


In an effort to expand our sustainable contribution, Jaymes introduced a 100% regenerative nylon for selected styles in the Vacay and Honey Bunny collections. Post-consumer waste such as fishnets from the ocean, marine debris and industrial plastic waste is collected and transformed into textile yarn, woven or knitted into a high quality fabric in Italy, to result in Jaymes recycled and sustainable swimwear that makes your soul smile.

Our fabrics are then printed locally here in Australia with original Jaymes designs. The regenerative nylon fabric that we use is proven to be twice as resistant to chlorine, sun-tan creams and oils compared to competitor’s fabrics. We aim to source a wider colour range in regenerative nylon in the near future.


Due to trade regulations, all garments are required to be shipped in bags. To reduce packaging waste, we send each order in a re-usable Jaymes cotton zip bag which our customers love using to store makeup, bikinis, baby accessories, travel or beach essentials.

Jaymes does not use single-use plastic packaging at any stage of production, or transportation. We also use paper swing tags, postcards, and recycled cardboard gift boxes so these items can be recycled locally once received by the customer.

We are always striving to better our practices to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We send our Australian orders in 100% biodegradable poly bags. These dirt bags are made out of sustainably-sourced plants and PBAT, and they break down naturally over time in your home compost and garden waste.

We send all international orders in recyclable satchels.


Each Jaymes piece is lovingly hand-made by local professionals here on the Gold Coast, Australia who we deeply appreciate and consider to be very much apart of the Jaymes family. We have trialed samples from global factories in the past, but none could compare to the quality of our beloved original 100% Australian made pieces.

All aspects of Jaymes including fabric, printing, lace, padding, accessories, and marketing goods are sourced from trusted Australian businesses resulting in the best quality products for our customers, while supporting Australian companies and their hard working teams.

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