Playing in the Field

Shannnon Hayes & Bec Blooms photography capture beauty Maddie Neville in the field in Under Jaymes latest Notebook Collection.

A note to yourself this new year: 
'I’ve found myself reflecting on a lot of important things. So.. I’d like to share with you what this year has been for me.

I’ve learnt more than I thought was possible about myself, the world and the people around me. I’ve lost a lot, and I have gained even more - friends, lovers, knowledge, animals, money, and at times I lost myself. I have cried more tears, and laughed harder than I ever have before. However, with every fall there has been an even mightier rise. 2021 has been the year of understanding balance and that with every take there is a give.

It’s funny, every year as we get older I think to myself oh.. maybe this year will be a little easier than the last. But each year I am thrown more lessons, more hurdles, more hurt, more love and most importantly more understanding. So I have now come to realise that what I need to ask for is guidance for the year ahead. Guidance from myself. To be strong, to love myself in the hard times, to be kind, and to be open to everything the world wants to throw my way - whether good or bad.

So on that note, 2022 I am excited, I am nervous but I am so god damn ready for you. Bring on another year of growth, happiness and abundance in all that is important. I wish the same for all of you.'

Love, me
Maddie x


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