Campaign : Heaven On Earth Collection

A dream come true! We've been a long time lover of Amberly Valentine and her magic work. She captures true beauty and moments through the lens with her talented eyes. There is a story behind this wonderful dream shoot...

After following Amberly on Instagram for many many years and always inspired. An Instagram story caught our eye as we noticed a charity Amberly was holding. Tickets towards winning a full campaign shoot were being sold and all costs were being donated to the Nusa Lembongan food bank to support a small local community who no longer have access to basic essentials like food & water. We immediately bought a ticket in the remaining hour of entering the competition.

We are truely thankful and grateful to have won a photoshoot with our dream girl, Amberly Valentine and to have donated to this charity.

You can read more about the Nusa Lembongan food bank here 
You can also donate towards the Nusa Lembongan local community here

Heaven On Earth Collection on location at Sumba Island shot by Amberley Valentine.

A collection inspired by our connection with nature, beauty and freedom. The angelic moments spent pondering on self love and gratitude. Warm days are heavenly in the earthy tonal shades and limited edition prints designed by Jamie. 

Dare to challenge your inner child to dance and don't forget to live every moment. Let this collection be worn with love and inspire you to create your own heaven on earth in Jaymes!

Meet the horses Oats & Odessa, beloved pets of Mischa and Rowan who own the Sanubari

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