Travel Diary: Bahamas

I’ve always wanted to visit the Bahamas, it always seemed too far away to just visit on its own. After deciding I wanted to shoot my new Jaymes Swimwear campaign in Miami USA, I knew I had to squeeze in some island time swimming with the pigs and soaking up that Bahamian sunshine .  Not to mention the most dreamy place to wear my new swimwear collection….launching this week!!

We spent five days in total from Nassau to theincredible Exumas islands. I wish we could have stayed longer and explored more but we had to fly to Miami to shoot Sofia Jamora for the Campaign.


Nassau, Bahamas: Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

After twenty four hours of travel  from Mexico we couldn’t wait to get to our resort. I booked this last minute knowing it was only fifteen minutes from the airport in Nassau. There is only two flights a day from Nassau to Exuma so staying at this hotel was the best option to get some rest for one night before heading off to George Town, Exuma the next morning. Little did we know how amazing this resort was, you could honestly stay for the week and be totally entertained. There were so many incredible pool areas, food trucks with all different cuisines, a casino, shopping and can you believe we discovered flamingos!! We were literally going to shoot the campaign in Aruba just for the flamingos, so we were over the moon to see these beautiful creatures in real life.

Exuma, Bahamas: Island Hopping

The whole reason I wanted to go to the Bahamas was to see the pigs on the beach! So to do that we had to fly into the Exuma islands and get on a tour boat to see them. The flight was only 45 minutes with Bahamas Air from Nassau to Georgetown. We stayed at the Grand Isle Resort which was right on the water.

Kayne ended up making a friend on the plane ride over who then happened to own a boat on the island. We were set to book a tour to see all of the animals but were lucky enough to be invited on our new friends boat! So we spent two days exploring  the islands getting the private tour with our local Bahamian tour guide Sugar from Sugar Adventures. The first day we seen the Iguanas’, swam with nurse sharks, hung out with the little piggies on Pig Beach and the highlight for me was the thunder ball grotto! I’m currently in the process of editing our Vlog from the trip so stay tuned for that so you can see the inside of the Grotto. Our YouTube channel is “Kayne and Jamie

Everyday my sister Rhiannan and I would be finding it so hard trying to decide what bikinis to wear, my new “Honey Bunny Collection” has so many different options with reversible styles and we also love to match with each other. We pulled up on one of the islands and did a quick photoshoot for the Jaymes Swimwear socials, seriously the best collection to take with you on your next tropical vacay!! The floral prints and colours really pop on these beautiful backdrops. Make sure you also get your hair braided, being on a boat and island time it just makes your life so much easier.
I’m so lucky to be able to travel with both my boyfriend and my beautiful sister, the Bahamas was honestly a dream. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

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