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Jaymes Swimwear #GetCheekyInJaymes

Limited Edition Swimwear, designed and hand-made in Australia since 2009

Jaymes Swimwear (pronounced: 'James') is designed by Australian Jamie Allen. All bikinis are proudly 100% made in Australia
in Limited Edition to keep them exclusive and unique. Once sold out, they are gone for good! Jamie designs the creative prints,
cuts and styles herself from her studio space based south of the Australian Gold Coast. Jamie is currently living in France
and is constantly drawing inspiration from her European travels - while always remembering the warmth of the sun
on the beaches of her home town in Australia.

If you are bikini obsessed; a wild free spirit with a wandering gypsy soul destined to live by the sun
- you will find yourself wearing and loving Jaymes Swimwear.

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Learn more on the Jaymes Blog

It’s not just about looking good in bikinis – it’s about FEELING GOOD! It’s about loving yourself
and your body, it’s about friendship and happiness. It’s about expressing your true self and feeling free
to use your voice. We all have the power within us to do great things.

My Jaymes blog is a place online for me to share my passions with you. I want to inspire you to live your life
to the fullest while giving you an insight into my limited edition bikini designs and label Jaymes Swimwear.
Follow my blog for updates as I share my love for bikinis, fashion, travel, health, fitness and photography.

On my blog you’ll find extra photographs from my Jaymes Swimwear model shoots that might not get a chance
to be shown on my Instagram or Facebook accounts. You’ll see behind the scenes of shoots, meet some
of the lovely models that I get to work with and see places that we go wearing our Jaymes bikinis.

If you’re a Jaymes Swimwear girl then you might like to read my posts about bikini styles for different body shapes,
or read posts about my upcoming collections and new design inspirations.

I love fashion. I always have. I’m constantly inspired by new looks, fabrics, and prints. I love feeling free and expressing myself
through what I wear. On my blog you’ll find posts about my favourite labels and outfits perfect for working out, travelling,
nights out and every day style.

For me, waking up in the morning and sketching bikinis, designing unique prints for fabrics, and then creating them by hand
to see my ideas come to life is an amazing thing. I’m very lucky to have such strong, independent and beautiful women wear my
bikinis to let the unique prints, cuts and styles express how they feel.

I hope my blog helps you get to know me a bit more. Follow my journey and know that your love for my label
Jaymes Swimwear inspires me every day. Thank you!

xx Jamie Allen


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