Why bamboo?

Lover lover, did anyone ever tell you how important it is to wear breathable underwear down under?

Probably not, because let's face it... there is such little education on the health of a womens vagina unless you spend years researching and find the answers. 

We have had so many women relate to having issues with the health status of their vagina, through in store visits, online chats & friendly circles we've learnt that most women suffer from recurring infections down under such as thrush being the most common.
 If there's one thing & one step towards helping women preventing infections down under and keeping a healthy vagina status, it is to educate and encourage all women on why you need to be wearing bamboo panties. 
So let us tell you the importance of wearing bamboo and letting your lady bits breathe.

Bamboo fabric is antistatic, it doesn't wrinkle and it has naturally deodorising properties. With its hydrophilic properties it absorbs more water than other conventional fibres keeping you moisture free all day... perfect panty for those hot yoga sessions! It is exceptionally soft and light which makes it 100% breathable and cool to wear... feels like your wearing nothing! Bamboo is also antibacterial and anti-fungal which reduces the risk of developing infections in your lady bits.
On top of all these benefits, bamboo is a naturally renewable resource which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Good for you and the planet
With love, 

Photography : @marksullivanbradley
Model : @talliyha

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