"What inspired you travel to Tasmania"
We have heard such incredible things about Tasmania and it's serenity. I was eager to see more of Australia, and love how close by it really is to the northern rivers. We set off for two weeks in an RV and adored every part of Tasmania. 

"What was priority in your carry on suitcase"
So hard to narrow down a priority but most definitely enough panties to last two weeks, a warm fluffy jacket, my cowgirl boots & lamb tallow for my skin!!

"What panty did you wear the most"
The new Everyday panty for sure, I am obsessed with the new colour palette especially the lilac and olive, feeling so feminine. I knew I was due for my bleed so packing the Bikini Panty was absolutely essential for overnight comfort with a liner. 

"Top three favourite places to visit"
1. Wineglass bay, hike the mountain and then continue down to the beach for sunshine. We walked to the middle of the beach and it felt like a secluded island. I was so in-love. 
2. The Bay of Fires / Binalong bay. Anywhere along the east coast is so beautiful. We stayed right on the seaside in our RV & for free, watching the sunrise from our bed & the sunset. The simple life truely sets my soul on fire.
3. The magical Sea Forest Cottage (captured below), we treated ourselves to a spontaneous night away here and loved it. I would also highly recommend Captains Rest on the West Coast for a romantic stay.

There were so many magical places we found along the way, with no plans for the whole trip. We especially loved being amongst the mountains, finding random hipcamp stays (one being Marleen Herbs of Tasmania) and experiencing the Floating Sauna Lake + Mountain bike riding in Derby. 



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