Interview : Chat with our designer Jamie

Jaymes designer Jamie Allen gives an insight to the upcoming collection 'Once upon a time' and goes behind the scenes to bringing Jaymes designs to life.


Why did you pick fashion and how did you get into the industry?

I started making my own clothing when I was 15 to wear and feel unique. I loved the feeling of creating something from a piece of fabric to something that’s wearable, it made me so proud knowing I could to that. From making my own clothes I started making swimwear, a few friends asked me to do it so I did and started selling them on myspace. I hand embroidered beads and all sorts of appliqués on them haha! I really loved the skimpier styles that the Brazilian brands only did back then, the problem was everyone had those bikinis so I set out to make my own. I then studied fashion design after school which gave me the tools to create my own swimwear collection and from there that’s where I launched my first collection. We stocked in little boutiques from Byron Bay up to the Gold Coast.

What is your favourite part about being a designer?

The creative side, the sketching of designs. I love when all the prints come together and I can curate a collection that I truly love and cannot wait to wear.

What keeps you motivated?

Working with my sister, being creative and seeing my Jaymes Lovers feel confident and sexy in my designs!


Briefly describe the steps into creating a new collection :

I put together a mood board on Pinterest, from there I'll choose colours I’m vibing and print inspiration. Sometimes it’ll start with a movie I watch or an image I come across and I'll just keep searching for similar things so there’s a bit of a mood behind the collection. From there I’ll choose my colours from my swatch cards and design my prints. The prints are the hardest part for me! They can take so long getting the colours right etc. I’ll make a bunch of prints with all different variations in colours, textures, sizes and get them printed locally. It can take quite a few samples to get the exact colour right once I’ve chosen the print I like. Once the prints are finalised and I’ve got the fabric colours I’ll sketch all the styles to make into a collection. I then work alongside my seamstress/pattern-maker to create the pieces that I’ve sketched. Once the samples are made they might need 3-4 changes before that one sample is finalised and fits perfect.  

 How do you create Jaymes prints?

This is the most critical part of my design process, it's my signature. I hand draw most of my prints in the same sketchpad that I’ve used since the beginning. This is where I like using my creative skills to then pull these sketches onto the computer and tweak them in different colours, sizes and patterns. Then making them into repeatable seamless patterns always takes some time, it's my biggest challenge! Fine-tuning the colours to work harmoniously together is also a crucial step once they are a repeating pattern, I also like to create quite a few different versions of that print in different colours and sizes. Once they are made on the computer they are ready to be sampled onto fabric, this process can take quite a few samples to get the colours absolutely perfect!

Inspiration for the collection :

Inspired by the film 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' from the 70s meets 'Clueless' in the 90s. Dreamy afternoons under the pastel sunsets with lilac hues inspire my eye for colour. The moonlight night shining on the ocean & balmy night swims reminds me to live by sun, love by the moon and always dance under the stars. These feelings inspire me to design a collection that is playful, a little vintage yet sexy. I love to design something for everyone that's why my styles are sold separately so you can mix, match & reverse to suit you! 

Describe the Mood-board for ‘Once Upon a Time’

Vintage vibes always, effortlessly chic, nostalgic 70’s. A young spirited, fun carefree collection designed to bring out your naïve, adventures side. This collection is a summer mood! 

Your favourite place to wear your Jaymes Swimwear?

On Vacay!! I love wearing my swim and being able to reverse + mix and match them with my outfits but I am also often at my favourite local creek where I love seeing girls wearing Jaymes. 

Once upon a time Collection dropping online 29.10.20

I can't wait to see what you all love, this is one of my favourite collections yet!

Love J

Designer : @jamie_jaymes



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