Blessing our Mumma

A sissy, mumma, friend or partner is entering the journey of motherhood? We love the idea of spoiling the woman who is growing a teeny tiny human inside and this baby blessing became the perfect celebration.

An afternoon of magic in the meadow.
Nurturing, nourishing & blessing.

We spent the evening gathered together in the meadow by the sounds of the trickling waterfall, singing, sweet birds and laughs. The sunshine accompanied our presence while we blessed our Mumma with love, words of affirmation, healing & meditation.

Home cooked nibbles by loved ones nourished the soul and filled our bellies with love as we ended up by the indoor fire on moonlight.

Moments of gratitude & presence is sometimes, all you need 💛

Baby Blessing by @womanofthewild
Captured by Jamie's lovingly best friend - @jhartigan

Featuring styles : 
Malta Crop & Santorini Flares - Blue Lagoon

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