Archive Collection Summer 2021

With zero waste as our goal, The Archive collection was born. Recreated from the beautiful archived prints, sample fabrics, one-off laces and trims that we have collected over the years refusing to throw away. It’s been our biggest challenge to bring it all together, but knowing we have minimised so much waste with up-cycling our fabrics  into styles you all know and love is our biggest reward.

Be ready, due to the minimal amounts of fabric we’ve only been able to make incredibly small amounts of some pieces ( we are talking 1-2 per size ) so get in quick lovers. These are only sneak peeks of a few styles, you haven’t seen all of the different colourways coming in each different style.

Each colourway will be dropped as soon as they are made, much like our ‘Made by Gma” bags. Our machinists are madly sewing to get these all finished before Christmas.

A fun colourful collection leaving our Jaymes Lovers feeling nostalgic.. we are so excited for you to get your hands on these super limited edition pieces!

Let’s celebrate being sustainable! 

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