Role one :
Part time - Online Warehouse / Order / Inventory Management | Customer service management

About you & the job roles/requirements :
All rounder angel who is familiar with Jaymes and our ethos. Positive and bubbly nature that has our customers best interest at heart.

  • Customer service emails
  • Printing, packing & fulfilling orders
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Customer returns & exchanges
  • Assistance with social media / shoots
  • Organiser! Timelines & schedules
  • Operations and logistics
  • Must have experience in a similar online industry or role
  • Must have experience with shopify or similar ecommerce platforms
  • Must have creative writing skills 


Role two:
Part time / freelancer - Production assistant

About you & the job roles/requirements:
An angel who is familiar with Jaymes and our ethos. Positive and open to taking on challenges and specific requirements.

  •  Assist the designer with final product drawings, measurement specs & tech packs for production.  
  • Submit tech packs and communicate with offshore suppliers on product specifications & inquiries, from prototype stage through to bulk production
  • Coordinate sample submissions, inspect and comment efficiently and effectively ensuring all deliveries stay on schedule.
  • Source fabrics, trims, accessories offshore.
  • Timeline management.
  • Inventory and Stock management.
  • Source new factories and suppliers.
  • Negotiation skills are a must.
  • Creative thinker.
  • Incredibly organised.
  • Logistics and operations

We are looking at two angels to join our team as soon as possible however, if you have ALL of the above requirement’s we are happy to take on one angel full time.

    Must be able to work independently as our designer & manager can often be out of the office.

    How to apply :

    If you have the above requirement's, please email your resume to

    We are so excited to expand our team and cannot wait to hear about you 💛